Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Fever

So, I have been looking for a spring wreath for a little while now and have had no luck! Until today my friends! I went to a decor store by my house and found one that I really loved, but the only problem was is that the thing cost $50 bones! And I was not willing to fork out that much! So I started walking around the store and found the clearance section. I found this Christmas wreath which basically had the same foliage as the spring wreath minus the flowers (Iclipped off the pinecones). And the best part is is that it was 75% off of $26! So I got it for $6! That's right a down right bargain! I took this before picture and sorry it is a little blurry.

These are my little flowers I bought to put in my wreath!
Here is the finished product! I was quite happy with it! And it only ended up costing me $16! I like just as much as the $50 one! What do you think?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cute Kid Rooms

I love to decorate and look at cute kid rooms! A great place to find these is at home shows, which I really like to go to! So here are a few pictures of some great rooms!
Great damask bed spread

I really like this combo of the pink and brown stripes
Creative use of an odd shape bonus room!

This is one of my favorite rooms! Simple, Black, White and Red.

Cute rustic boys room!
Creative and Fun!

I have always wanted to put a big map on my boys' wall! Isn't that cute!

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