Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Halloween Food

Last night we made a fun dinner with the kids!  They had a lot of fun helping and eating too!
Monster Mouths
(Cut an apple into quaters, wedge out the middle and add sliced almonds)

Mummy heads
(English muffins, pizza sauce, mozerella cheese slices cut into strips, sliced olives and green peppers for pupil)

We also had Dirt Cups for dessert!  Forgot to take a picture of those.  We got all of our fun ideas at .  They have a lot of fun ideas on there for a Fun Fabulous Halloween!  Happy Haunting!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Valentine's Day Photo's

I took these pictures earlier this year and just have not posted them yet!  I was really happy with how they turned out!  I made a big collague for my husband for V-Day and frame it!  The kids even behaved and were good sports!  I took them out for icecream after.  I really enjoy taking pictures and would love to learn more about it someday soon!  What is something that you would love to be better at?  Maybe we should all take the time for ourselves to learn something new!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have been on this DANG computer all day trying to figure out a couple of things to make my website a little more user friendly!  Since technology and I don't get along this is taking me a little bit!  So I have decided to cheat and get someone's lovely help!  This is what I am trying to figure out:
1.  A lot of you at the end of your post has 3 small pictures with the title; You might also like:  And then you can click on any 3 of the pictures and it takes you to that post.
(I thought I had it figured out, but then it didn't work?  Please help!)
2.  Also on the side of many blogs there is a picture that you have gotten from one of yur own posts, and it may be titled; Fall Decorations.  You can click on that picture and it will take you to all of your posts that have to do with Fall Decor. 
(I figured out how to do the one picture with the link, but I can not figure out how to get more links to work with that one picture.)
Thanks so much to anyone who knows how to do this and will take the time to help me!
Computer Challenged

Monday, October 26, 2009

Todays happenings!

Isn't that a great view! This wasn't today, but it was last night. Is that close enough to count for today's happenings? This was right when the sun was setting on the wasatch mountains. The mountains are my favorite view!

After the sunset I did a few things around the house and woke up bright and early 7:30am! That is bright n' early for me. Got the kids off to school and sat down and ate quite a good and healthy breakfast. Steel Cut Oats, slivered almonds and berries! It was really tasty!

Then I went to take my 3 year old to preschool, got there and noticed I was the only one there. So I went back home and checked the calendar and sure enough it was his field trip to the pumpkin patch! OOPS! Here is a picture of him and his sister at the patch! I thought it was sweet how she was putting her arm around him. Don't get those moments very often! She skipped Kindergarten today because she has had the croup!

Here is my boy with a pumpkin on his head!

Then I had a hankering to go to the thrift store. I found this adorable chair! I thought it would go so cute in my boys' room. And sure enough it did! The best part was that it only costs $2!!!

Here is the chair at their desk. This desk used to be my mom's when she was a kid. Then they passed it down to my brother. And know it is my boys'. I don't have the heart to get rid of it. I did re-do it a couple of years ago, but it has since been destroyed probably for the hundreth time in it's poor little lifetime. But I like it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Old Chair

This New Old Chair belonged to my husbands Grandmother. When she passed I asked if I could have it. Not knowing what I was actually going to do with it, but I liked it! Over the years I have placed it just like it is, in several different places in the house and it didn't quite seem at home. So as I have been adding to my daughters room the last few months, I thought this chair might be the perfect addition with just the right touches.
First I had to recover the seat. I just simply placed the seat upside down on the material I had chosen, cut a couple of inches out from the edge, and then stapled it with my hand staple gun.

The Result:

Next came the painting. I hand sanded the chair with medium grit sand paper. Just enough to rough it up and get the old edges of the stain smooth.
Then I put a coat of primer on. You always want to prime in cases like this.

Next I put a couple of coat of white paint on it. No, not spray paint. That would have been to easy! Unfortunately I had to hand paint this. The white that I wanted this was the same color of her baseboards in her room and her wooden doll house. I already had the paint in a can.

TaDa! A little hard work, a couple coats of paint and it is done!
I will be putting a cute pillow on it to top it off, but those are yet to be sewn!
Can't quite work up my motivation for that project!



Friday, October 23, 2009

This Ol' Door

I have this Ol' Door that I took out of a trash pile that was sitting in a neighborhood that was being developed. It is from an old shed that was on the property near to where I live.
I was driving around one day after I dropped my son off to preschool, spotted this marvalous door, jumped out of my mini van (in my pajama's mind you), picked up the door and slid it into my van and drove off!
Not to mention there were a bunch of construction guys about 100yds. away, watching the whole thing with a look of horror on their faces! I am sure they thought I was a crazed lunatic, but I don't care because I got my door!
It has been sitting on my porch for about 2 years
and now I have decided to find a new home for it.
Stay tuned for the results in a couple of days!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little freshen'up

Does anyone have baseboards that look like this?
I knew they were bad, but once I took these pictures and looked at them, they are REALLY BAD! A picture never fails at telling the truth!
Our house is only 3 years old, but I have to be honest it has taken a beatin' in those 3 years! I have 3 young kids and with toys and balls flying everywhere there are certainly places on the walls that need fixing! So here is what I did for a little freshening up! PAINT!


(Sorry about the blure! My darn camera was not being very nice!)

Step 1:
Use the same paint color you had on your baseboards as before unless you want to change the color all together. In my case I just wanted to fix a few. I already had my paint color in my basement. If you don't you can always take part of it in and get it color matched at Home Depot. They have pretty good machines that will match it the same color every time! So the girl told at the paint department!

Step 2: Just get a little bit on the brush so you don't make a big mess and get it on the walls. Mistakes are a pain in the buttocks to fix later! And make sure you have an angeled brush. It makes your job of cutting in close a whole lot easier!

Step 3: Cutting in can be a little tricky! Just make sure you get some of the paint off on another part of the baseboard before you put the paint brush right up next to the wall or else you will get some the wall for sure! Then just nice and steadily put a little pressure on the inside of the brush and move it along! This way it saves you from having to tape. Save you some money and a lot of time.

This is after one coat of white paint. It looks a little dinged up in the picture still, but when you are standing up away from it it looks 100 percent better! It makes me feel like my house is brand new again!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

Happy Fall Ya'll!
I love to decorate for fall! Fall just seems like such a cozy season! And the colors just call to me! I love the warm rich colors of fall! My kids keep asking when we are going to put up the Halloween Decorations, but I can't get myself to take down my fall one's!
Here are just a few areas around the house!


Close up of the Entry

(I dusted like a week ago I SWEAR!)

Dining room table

Cabinet in the kitchen

What is your favorite season to decorate for?

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