Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Old Chair

This New Old Chair belonged to my husbands Grandmother. When she passed I asked if I could have it. Not knowing what I was actually going to do with it, but I liked it! Over the years I have placed it just like it is, in several different places in the house and it didn't quite seem at home. So as I have been adding to my daughters room the last few months, I thought this chair might be the perfect addition with just the right touches.
First I had to recover the seat. I just simply placed the seat upside down on the material I had chosen, cut a couple of inches out from the edge, and then stapled it with my hand staple gun.

The Result:

Next came the painting. I hand sanded the chair with medium grit sand paper. Just enough to rough it up and get the old edges of the stain smooth.
Then I put a coat of primer on. You always want to prime in cases like this.

Next I put a couple of coat of white paint on it. No, not spray paint. That would have been to easy! Unfortunately I had to hand paint this. The white that I wanted this was the same color of her baseboards in her room and her wooden doll house. I already had the paint in a can.

TaDa! A little hard work, a couple coats of paint and it is done!
I will be putting a cute pillow on it to top it off, but those are yet to be sewn!
Can't quite work up my motivation for that project!



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  1. Ah! turned out so cute. What a transformation! Good job, Sunshine. You're amazing :)


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