Sunday, February 28, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap

I learned how to make my own laundry soap yesterday at a fun class that went to!  It ends up being about .07 cents a load!  You only need 2 TBS. per load and it smells great!

Here is the recipe:
2c. Fels Naptha (or 1 bar)
1c. Washing Soda
1c. Borax

Cut up the Fels Naptha into thin slices and smash it a little bit with the flat side of the knife.  It will crumble a little bit and then it is easier to blend up.
Measure the rest of the ingredients and blend them up!

Store in a glass jar and EnJoY!

Monday, February 22, 2010

We made it to the front page of HGTV!

My Avery's room made it to the front page of!!!  This is for sure the highlight of my day, maybe week or month!  We are the one of the pictures on "See what your neighbors are doing on Rate my Space". 
You can go on the website and Rate our space! 
My username is sunshinesdesign!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our new Master Bedroom

We were able to get a new bed a few months ago.  Too make a long story short it is the bed I picked out first, then changed my mind to a black four poster bed, but the company didn't place that order like they told me and I ended up with the one that I had originally picked out.  But I think in the end it was a good mistake on their part! 
Since we previously had a Queen and now have a King I didn't have ANY bedding.  I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do in there, but I found this bedding at Bed Bath N' Beyond today and really liked it.  I had the same color before on the old bed, but it is just so relaxing and I never tired of it.  So I got it again!


Our Reading Corner

Big wall that I NEED suggestions for!  If you have any please get commenting!  I am thinking something along the lines of molding and damask wall paper. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

A room fit for a Princess!!!

I have once again re-done my almost 6 yr. old's room.  I have never been quite satisfied with it.  This time I think I acomplished what I had invisioned in my mind.  I wanted something very soft, sweet and feminine.  She loves pink, so of course that had to be incorporated into the design.  I wanted a chandeleir, someplace to put knick knack's, her doll house, art that was all her own, a quilt, and some cute pictures of her.  Words with meaning, mean a lot to me, so there had to be some form of them in her room. 
 Here is the BIG reveal!
Put bed on opposite wall so it is the first thing you see when you open the door.
  Added MOLDING (go here), repainted,
added some vinyl, went thrifting and spray painted A LOT!

Replaced Chinese Laterns with Chandelier

For chandelier makeover go HERE

Bookcase Before:
$13 makeover ($9 for thirftstore book case, $4 for wood decals, already had primer and paint)
This originally had two doors on the bottom, which I took off. 
Sanded the whole thing down, added crown molding, filled in pinecones with wood putty, added wood detail, primed and painted.  Whew!

It already came with the light in it.

This plate is my daughter's Great-Great Grandmother's

I added some styrofoam to the back and covered it with material. 
Just a special little place for her to pin her junk things on!

I always take control decorate the kids' rooms how I want to with a few thoughts from the them. 
But I wanted there to be something in 
Avery's room that was special to her. 
Something that she did all by herself.
So we went to the craft store and go this canvas and let her go to town on it.  This is what she came up with, which I think is very sweet.  It is a picture of me and her holding hands. 
For canvas art go HERE

Candlesticks purchased at the Thrift Store

Primed and painted white

Her bed is a little high so I made this stool for her.
For transformation go HERE

This chair was Avery's Great Grandmother's.
For chair Re-do go HERE
The bed was oak, I painted it red for my son's room,
 now white for Avery's room.

Shelves are from the Thrift Store
Round frames purchased from a garage sale, 
painted black, and added some scrapbook paper!
Doll house purchased from the Thrift Store for $25. 
 I took out the carpet, painted the house white and pink (already had white paint & got pink paint for free on, 
added beadboard painted Olive Branch (Kwal) to match her walls.
(sorry not a very good picture to show the colors)

Painted a little detail in the Doll house for her

Meaningful Words

I painted this growth chart on her wall,
although she has almost outgrown it already!

I tried to do this room on a budget and
with things that were meaningful to both Avery and I. 
The sweet, feminine, & meaningful I think were all accomplished!
Hope you all enjoy looking at this as much as we do!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mobile Home?!

I was searching on Country Living for gardens and came across these pictures of this double wide mobile home. 
Theresa Smith and her husband Craig go to antique shows all over the country.  She proves it is not what kind of home that you have, but what you do with it. 
Check out these amazing photos!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The last few days I have watched the Notebook for the first time and also Dear John.  Those Sappy Movies make me reminisce about my children and how big they are getting and how much I miss when they where little Stinkers!  Here are a few pictures I found of them.
Don't mind me, I am like 7 mths. prego in this picture!

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