Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canvas Art Fun

First of all I'd like to show all of you the snow that fell yesterday where I am from. Can you believe it! The Mountains are covered! I love to look at those mountains from my porch. Aren't they beautiful?! It would be even better if there were no houses in that view wouldn't it?! But still I do love them! Now back to reality!

This is our latest project: Canvas Art! I am pretty picky about what goes in my kids' rooms. I wanted to let go of that a little and let them do something in their rooms that was just them. So I decided what better thing to do than to capture their cute little pictures they draw for me daily. So we headed off to the craft store and bought these 20x23 canvas'. I had them draw what they wanted to paint on a piece of paper before we began. Then we picked out the paint colors, put them a paper plate and they went to town! I supervised so that there wasn't a huge mess, but other than that I just let them do their thing. I think that this is one of the funnest things we have done together and the most special to me. They turned out just precious!

This is my daughter's canvas

This is my 3 year old son's

(We are still waiting on my 7 yr. old son's)

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  1. SOOOOO cute Sunshine! I'm just thinking about how I could have Kingston do this...


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