Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day Crafts

I wanted some letters just like this to go on my mantel for V-Day! After not finding any one day I bought the XOXO (below) to on the mantel instead! Then what do you know, but a couple days later I found these letters that just happened to be L-O-V-E, wrapped up in some cellophane at the thrift store, for a dollar! The same letters at the craft store are almost $2/piece! $10 for all verses $1. You can't beat that! So this is what I did with these little beauties!

Before spray paint

After black spray paint

After scrapbook paper

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  1. Super cute Shine! You are so stinkin creative! I wanted some to for Valentines, so what do I do, I went to Quilted Bear and bought XOXO letters. If I was creative, maybe I could make them instead of buy them.


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