Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Door chalkboards

I have seen a lot of chalkboards in kids' rooms & kitchens that are really cute! Well I of course wanted to do some of my own. I have done chalkboards before on things and just used the spray chalkboard paint, but since I was doing this in the house spray paint wasn't an option. The latex kind is a little more $ ($4 verses $12), but you also get more too. Which to me means that I could do lots of chalk boards. So here are is one that I have done so far on my pantry door. I did one in my daughter's room on the inside of her closet door and I have one more to do in my son's room! I spent $20 on the supplies.


Tape the area! Make sure that the tape is pressed down firmly! Otherwise you might have some leakage, which is a pain in the you know what to fix!

Paint a few coats:

Wait a few days for the paint to cure. Then rub chalk all over the painted area.

And then you are set! I thought this might be good for writing list's on or cute notes for the kids! You'll have to excuse my handwriting. It never quite advanced beyond the second grade!


  1. You seriously cease to amaze me! I know I keep saying that. But where do you find the time to keep up on all this stuff and then actually DO it?

  2. Your so nice! I just see stuff and either (do i dare say it) copy it or I change it to fit what ever I need at the time! It's just always been something I really like to do. And believe me, I don't just do projects everyday! There are lots of times where the motivation is just not there, but looking at other blogs, I have to say, Inspires me a lot and motivates me!


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