Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bathroom "updo"

Bathroom Redo
I love beadboard and have had some sitting in my garage for like 3 years! I decided that it might look good in my bathroom. So out came the tools!
This is one of the best air compressors! It is small and compact! I can bring it right in the house by myself without any effort! Along with my handy dandy nail gun!

This is the bead board after I had "ripped" it on the table saw outside. All by myself, mind you! The sheet was 4'x8'! It was quite the sight! But, I got it done with all fingers still attatched!
I had to take down the towel bar. This is the beadboard on the wall stappled up!
I cut it in two separate pieces, so I will show you how to cover up that big line down the center.

To cover up the nail holes and the line down the center you will want to use some joint compound. It is the same stuff that they use to mud sheetrock. I used a small putty knife since I was doing a small area.

Next, I put up some trim. It was really inexpensive at Home Depot. Maybe .50 a foot. It has a lip on the inside edge so that it will fit right over the beadboard. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that part! Measure, nail it up, and fill it in with some paintable latex caulk.

This is the finished project. I painted it the same color as my trim. Almond white from Kwal. All painted and everything, from start to finish took about 3 hours. Not bad for a days work! What do you think?

Friday, June 5, 2009

One of my Favorite things

Gardening is one of my favorite things!

I got up this morning before my kids and was able to get one of my goals done for the day!
I know ya'll are jealous of my dead bushes! Well, I wasn't either! So I decided to rip them out of the pots and plant something a little more pleasing to the eye!

This is a picture of the bushes ripped out, but the dirt needs some major help!

Got my good ole' soil pep from the store

Added it to the dirt and mixed it up really good until I got this!

Much better!

I pre-placed the plants so that I would know just where to put them.
Make sure when doing this type of pot project to get plants that are cascading or trailing, so that they will flow over the pots edge once they get a little bigger.
You can not see it here yet because the plants are not mature. It should only take about a month before you are able to see the effect these type of plants should have.

All put into the soil and in front of the house!
I was happy with the results!
Looks much better than those dead bushes, don't ya think!

TIP: Make sure also to water these plants once a day, in the morning and with a every day fertilzer. EX: Fertilome, Miracle Gro, etc. It makes a world of a difference in the growth of the plants!

After I planted my pots, I decided to go and take some pictures of some of my favorite plants in my yard. It is three years in the making and some of it is finally maturing. I have never seen any of my yards mature because I always get to antsy and want to move before then. So I am hoping to stay in this house long enough to see my yard become my vision.
My dog "Titan" had to get in the action on my way to take some pic's!


"Japanese Maple"


Here is a picture of my climbing roses I planted last year on my new arbor!

They are growing fatastic!

This is a picture of the arbor last fall right after I finished putting it up.

Here is a semi-after picture I took today. I still have to stain or paint the bird house. I can't decide. And I would like to add a couple more plants. I just planted the purple "Clematis" vine at the bottom of the bird house a couple of days ago. It will climb up the 4x4 the bird house is on hopefully by the end of the summer! I can't wait until my roses are all the way up my arbor!

Here is one of my favorite flowers in the yard and I am really sad to say I don't know the name. I know that they are in the cone family.
Last but not least my "Hanging Geranium Basket"! I get one of these every Mother's Day and it is my absolute most favorite plant in my entire yard! There is something so classic about a Red Geranium. I love them!

Thanks for passing by! I hope this inspires you to get out in that yard and do something spectacular!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Part I of Avery's Room Makeover

This is a stool that my daughter uses to get up into her bed because it is quite high. It started out as a simple wooden box that my neighbor gave to me. I covered it with 1' thick foam and then in this red vinyl. I have decided to change her room to pink, black and green and so the stool too must change! Here is the

Stool without the pom-pom trim
Stool complete with trim

This after complete with the pink stripes and green and pink toile will make the perfect addition to her "new" girly room.
I just used my nail gun to staple the fabric on. And a glue gun to put the trim on. This whole project took about 1 1/2 hrs.
Stay tuned for more updates on the make over. In a couple of days I will be showing you the molding on the walls that we are doing and also a re-do of a chair!
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