Friday, February 13, 2009

A custom lamp for a custom craft room!

I needed a lamp for my craft room because my lights in there at night are ridiculous. I make my jewelry a lot at night and it is really hard to see. So instead of buying one at the store I went, you guessed it, to the thrift store. I found this little beauty for $5. Look at the nice shiney chrome at the bottom of it! The only down side was the shade. Instead of buying a new one I thought that it would be fun to cover the old one to match my craft room. So this is what I did!

To make a cover the old shade I had to trace it on a poster board. You could also use news paper. You start at the seam on the shade.
Then you just roll it and trace. I used marker and as you can see it got on the lamp shade. Not so smart. I should have used a pencil, but learn as you go I guess!

This is the finished trace
Next you will want to cut it out and pin it onto your fabric.

All cut out!
Next, you want to use the spray adhesive and attatch the material. Start at the seam. This can be a little tricky, but not bad. It was easiest for me to hold it up like so and spray and then smooth. Make sure your material is going on right. You can adjust it a little bit as you go.

Done smoothing:
Next you want to cover the seam with ribbon of your choice.
Make sure you cut it long enough to overlap
I put the ribbon on the top and some beaded fringe on the bottom, and there you have it!
A custom lamp for a custom craft room!


  1. Are you shopping at the D.I. or where for all these things you keep getting? I'm emailing you a picture of this thing I was going to get rid of. Thought if anyone could help me come up with something to do with it, it'd be you! :) Hope your birthday was great! *hugs*

  2. Hi and welcome to MBC! Your blog is fabulous.


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