Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Facts about me

1. I love being a stay at home mom
2. I love bedtime, even though I go to bed way to late, I sure enjoy sleeping!
3. I love looking at my kids when they are sleeping! They are so precious!
4. I am a germ freak! I carry lysol in my purse!
5. I hate to do the dishes!
6. I have seen my sister and sister in law both have their babies! What a beautiful experience!
7. I wanted to go to school to be an OB!
8. I love to clean
9. I love to excercise, although I do not do it near enough
10. I love to decorate
11. I love to refurbish things from the trash, thrift shops, etc.
12. I hate to get ready for the day! It just seems like such a waste of time!
13. I love babies! I really miss those chubby cheeks and little toes!
14. I love being in the Primary! I feel it suits me best!
15. I like alone time a lot!
16. I am very stubborn
17. I can cry at any given moment for any given reason!
18. I am very proud of Zackery! He is very good in school!
19. I would love to live on 5 acres or more in a white house with a big front porch and pretty scenary to look at!
20. I don't like being wet!  Weird I know!
21. I love to travel!
22. I love to buy clothes for Avery! She is just too cute!
23. I hate being the center of attention! Like when people sing me Happy Birthday it makes me want to climb under a chair!
24. I love to do hard manual labor! (especially yard work in the hot sun, crazy I know)
25. Most of all I love my family and my great husband who works so hard and puts up with my stubborness!

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