Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am just dying for spring to come! So I thought I would post some pictures of my yard since I am dying to get out there! This is a picture of an arbor my husband & I built. My neighbor gave me the side pieces from his junk pile. He was going to throw them away, but new that I appreciate other people's junk & would probably love them & I did! I sanded them down, added the top pieces to keep them together, cemented them into the ground and the picture doesn't show, but I painted them dark brown to match my house. I since added climbing roses to the side and still have to add plants to the west side of the arbor which I will do this spring! I also layed pavers to make a path to the yard! I will post some more pictures of it hopefully soon when the weather is nicer. It looks better than these pictures show! P.S Ignore the ugly kennel on our playground! It is temporary!

Plants added to the East side of the arbor!

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