Sunday, January 4, 2009

Closet Renovation's
Ok, so I am posting my dirty little secrets on here for all to see! Please still love me and don't judge me based on my messiness! I know some of you thought my house was always nice and clean, but here is where I was hiding it; in the closets! It was a fun project to do, although I still have three more to go. Here is what I have started with so far. I added these simple wire shelves to utilize the space better. There was too much on the floor before.
There are before and after pictures on some. This particular closet didn't need a before. It was pretty good, but I am warning you now, it gets pretty bad!

The important thing to remember here, especially with closets that have all this little stuff (army men, guns, cars, balls, light sabers etc., is that everything needs a home. Seperate toys into categories. I did little men, cars(big &little), bats & light sabers, balls, hats, castle, legos. You get the point. And make sure that you have a big bin for each catergory. I tried bins in the past but they were the kind with lids. They did not work well for 2 reasons, 1. The kids were always using them as step stools and breaking them 2. They couldn't always get the lids of and by the time they did they were so frustrated that the whole bin would be dumped out on the floor! I went and got these new bins at Wal-mart without lids and I am hoping that they work a little better!

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