Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our new Master Bedroom

We were able to get a new bed a few months ago.  Too make a long story short it is the bed I picked out first, then changed my mind to a black four poster bed, but the company didn't place that order like they told me and I ended up with the one that I had originally picked out.  But I think in the end it was a good mistake on their part! 
Since we previously had a Queen and now have a King I didn't have ANY bedding.  I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do in there, but I found this bedding at Bed Bath N' Beyond today and really liked it.  I had the same color before on the old bed, but it is just so relaxing and I never tired of it.  So I got it again!


Our Reading Corner

Big wall that I NEED suggestions for!  If you have any please get commenting!  I am thinking something along the lines of molding and damask wall paper. 


  1. Love your new bed!! :) I need to find me some bedding that I'm totally in love with so I can decorate my room around that. What are those cute things that you have your pictures hanging from and also Avery's from?!

  2. Wow, your new bed is absolutely stunning! I love your reading corner too:) I love your idea of damask wallpaper for your wall, that would be gorgeous!! Great job on your bedroom, I would want to spend all my time in there if it was mine, it is just lovely! ~ Tina x

  3. SO Pretty Shine! Hey the reading corner also makes a great nursing corner!! :)

  4. Hmmm maybe a really cool vinyl on that wall.. you know i have a vinyl machine right?


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