Thursday, July 2, 2009

Part II of Avery's Room Makeover

My good hubby had a few days off a week or so ago and got some of his "Honey-Do-List" done; with my help of course!
One of the projects we got done was the molding in my daughter's room. I originally wanted to do bead board, but got lazy and went for a little more formal look with some molding.
This was very simple to do. With some good measuring, a miter saw, and a nail gun we got it done.
This is a picture of the 1 1/4" molding on the miter saw being cut on the right side at a 45 degree angle. I had 8' moldings so I did a square 2'x2'.

This is the left side of the molding being cut at a 45 degree angle. Make sure to measure right so that everything squares up at the end.

We measured everything out on the wall, put a few pencil marks, used a level to make sure they were straight and nailed them up.

This is a picture of it all painted with all the furniture back in place. Sorry you can't see it that well, her huge bed takes up the whole wall. The bedding by the way is not done yet. I can't decide whether or not to keep the black and white on it. What do you think? I will be making some pillows in the near future that will tie everything in better. But this is it for now!

This is the other side of the room

This is her growth chart on one small wall by her door that I painted for her. No, I have not put her height on there yet! Bad Mom!

Here is the material that I will be making her pillows out of soon! I just need some darn motivation!


  1. I totally love the pillow material! It's gorgeous. I like the black and white on the bed - I think it ties in the other decor you have on the other side of the room - unless you were planning something different there as well. It's looking great! What else are you planning for her room?

  2. looks awesome!!! give me some of your motivation!

  3. As usual, your project turned out absolutely wonderful!! :) And I love what you have going on with the bedding, very cute!!


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