Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A sweet little "Artist" Birthday Party!

My sweet little girl just turned "7"!
I can't believe time has gone so fast!
Avery is such a thoughtful sweet girl! 
She has so much talent and potential! 
We are so very happy that she is a part of our family!

I try to have a fun Birthday Party for the kids!
My mom always made everything so special for us
and it is such a fun memory.
So I want to do that for my children.

For her Birthday she wanted to do an
ArTiSt PaRtY!

I found some cute things at Target in the Dollar isle.
We decided to let each child that she invited,
paint their own cavas.
We found those on sale at JoAnn's. 
And then we got the basics (plates, cups, napkins, balloons etc)
at Walmart and the Dollar Store.

It turned out to be a hit!
Here's what went down...

A sweet girl that I had just met. 
Let me come over during her precious
twin boy's nap time and helped me makethis sign! 
It turned out just perfect!

The FUN treat table!
We dipped marshmellows (Artist Brushes), and got
primary colored candy to fill the table with!
Skittles, licorice, dum dum suckers, & dots.
We also got some fun glass bottles, red & orange, of Crush.
We let the kids fill their own treat bags at the end!
You would think that would be a disaster,
but they did really well!

We thought it would be fun to make
a Cool entrance to the party!

On the labels for the treats and also on the names for
the treat bags(forgot to take that picture),
we used primary colored paint strips.

I ran out of time to make the Palette shaped cake that I wanted to.
So we substituted with cupcakes with Primary colored frosting on them.
I found these fun candles that went "Perfect" with everything!

                                                     The Canvas Painting table!
We also had playdough shaping contests! 
The Girls had so much fun and were so creative! 


Until next Year!!!


  1. It turned out SOOO cute! Makes me want to do a party just like it!

  2. Thank You! It was so much fun! Thanks so much for your help with the sign!

  3. Shine!! Oh my word... so cute! I bet the kids loved it - You did an awesome job!


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