Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Simple things in Life

Sorry, I know these pictures are a little small, but this is the best I could do. The Easter Bunny brought me this movie last week! I loved this show when I was a kid! Everything about it! The house, the humor, the story! So I was happy to receive it. I haven't watched this show in about 15 yrs. So, I sat down and watched it the other day with my only daughter who is 5.

I tend to be emotional as it is, and so as always this show made me cry! It was quite a different story being at this point in my life! Fifteen yrs ago, I was the one like the bride in this story. Waiting for true love to come my way one day. Dreaming of all the fun involved in planning a wedding and being married.
But now watching this movie, I understood how the "Father of the Bride" felt. Only I would be the Mother of course! Thinking of my only daughter leaving me one day sounds unbearable!
Life just goes so fast! This show reminded me of that!
Enjoying everything now while you have it is so important! The simple things in life. Even when your 3 yr. old opens up the front door and runs down the street naked, or tries to put the toliet plunger on his face!
Those are the unforgetable, funny moments in life that make all worth it!

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  1. Your post was kind of deja vu - I watched that movie a couple of months ago and felt the same way! While crying during the movie, I kept thinking I don't remember this being such an emotional movie! ;) I'm such a dork! Your blog is fun! I'll have to visit more often! Miss seeing you on Sundays! :(


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