Friday, September 24, 2010

A Cute room for a Cute Girl!

One of my clients wants me to add a few little touches to her 3 girl's rooms.  We started off Miss K's room first. 
For just over $100 we made this room fit for a little princess!
They already had great furniture and a cute bedspread, so we just added a few accessories! 

Here is how the room started off.
Not too bad but just a little plain.

So what we did was added some poka dot pillows to the bed,
some cute pictures to the wall with little shelves under them to give them some weight,
a cute butterfly in the corner to give the room some whimsy,
and a white curtain rod and cute lavendar curtains with polka-dot ribbon. 
We are next going to add a big magnet board for her to put all of her art, pictures, etc.



 I Loved this Lamp! 
It can go from little girl, to pre-teen, to teen!

The trim on the curtains matches the cute
 polka dot rug at the end of her bed and the pillows on her bed!

When you are doing a room just try to coordinate things. 
 I took the lavendar out of the bedspread and decided to use that as my main accent color.
Then I found things with polka dots and decided to go from there. 
We did this room for like $130. 
Not too shabby! 
Good Luck with your up coming projects!


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2013

    Rule #1 about area rugs: They shouldn't "float", meaning there should be one or more pieces of furniture overlapping the rug. Just a little piece of friendly advice ;)

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