Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Progress on one of my favorite makeovers!

If you remember I showed you this house about a year ago.
Well since then I got hooked up with the owners of the house(who are great by the way!) and I am helping them re-do the house! 
Slowly but surely it is coming along! 
They have five kids, a chiropractic business and some farm animals to take care of!  As if thats not enough they are trying to renivate this beautiful house.
So you see what I mean about the slowly but surely part!
They have done all of the work themselves! I have just given my suggestions.

                          I am really excited about this makeover!  Here is the progress on it so far!

If you remember the stairs used to look like this!

Now they look like this!
We added some molding under the chair rail, tore off the decals on the sides of the stairs, filled in where the decals were, painted everything white, and tore out all the carpet. 
Next there will be new caps on the stairs that will be stained brown. 
The railing will also be stained the same brown.

They tore out the old hard wood because the wanted throughout
 the house and it was too hard to match it up to the old stuff.  It was previously just in the entry. 
I think what they picked out is beautiful!

This is the color that we are painting the entry. 
It is Plantation Beige from Kwal.

Here is a picture of the molding that we added in the Dining Room.
That sponge painting just has to go!

Here it is after painting! 
 Isn't such a difference already!

Here it is after! 
Do you not love the red?!  It is Robust Red also from Kwal.
I think it looks Great! 
Did you know red makes you want to eat more? 
No better color for a Dining Room!

These are the cabinets in the Dining Room! 
Pretty Green, but just not what we were going for!

Here they are during painting!

Here they are all hung up! 
Don't ya just love that floor?

They painted the coffered ceiling in the family room all white. 
They were a grayish color before. 
Since the ceiling aren't super high we wanted to lift up the ceiling!
I think it did the job!

We choose Handsome Blue for the walls.
I think it goes great with the slate on the fireplace
and also the accents of blue in the rug!

My client loves garage sales and shopping on KSL (Utahs form of Craiglist). 
She picked up this bench for FREE! 
Can you believe it?
The seat on the bench is just a little warped,
so they are cutting a new seat out and restaining it!
Stay Tuned to see the bench transformation and where they put it!


  1. I sound like a broken record but you are so incredibly talented! If I could just borrow your brain for a few months and get projects done around my house!

    I really should have you help me with a room at a time with ideas and really put them into action! How much do you charge?

    Miss you lots!!!

  2. good job as usual! you have such a talent!

  3. It is looking beautiful! I love the blue in the family room. Now it's making me wish I'd have picked that for my basement.


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