Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living Room makeover

I know I promised I'd show you the Living Room yesterday.  Sorry!  I got a little side tracked!  I am trying to get ready for an Open House here on Saturday.  Here are some of the pictures of the befores and afters.  I thought I got one of the curtains on the windows, but I guess I didn't.  Just imagine white lace valances.  I am sure they were in style at one point, but just not anymore!

Before Paint

After Paint:

After Paint and Decorations

Since I skipped a night I will do the Dining Room too.


Professionally painted vines. 
 Once again, I am sure they were nice at on point. 
But not anymore!

 Here are the lace curtains I was talking about.


I sanded over the vines so they wouldn't show through the paint. 
Painted the top part of the walls two shades darker than the Living Room.
Replaced the curtains with paint drop clothes.
I was happy with the turn out!


  1. Your living room turned out great. I love the color you chose! Very beautiful!

  2. It’s really incredible how paint can transform a plain space into a lively one. Anyway, I like the final look of your living room. I must say that your time, effort, and money were definitely worth it. Congrats! :]


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