Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Living Rooms & Baths

 Once again I got these pictures from Country Living.  Just some great rooms with a little inspiration!

I love the serene colors and the tub flanked by the curtains.

I thought this was a fun cabinet for a bathroom.  The color, the style and the wire in the doors.

Love the bead board height on the walls.  Also love the table on the left in place of a vanity.  And look at the shelves with the baskets!

Really like the fireplace being centered in the middle of the wall.  Love the ceiling, the wood floors and the openess of the room.

I love a lot about this room.  Again the fireplace in the middle.   I just think it is so much easier to place furniture in a room with it that way.  The built in's on each side, the pictures above the mantel, the colors of the room and those ginormous windows!

I am in love with the staircase!  I am a sucker for them!  I am loving the window above the door, the shabby dresser next to the door, and the mirrors on the wall going up the stairs.

I found a book case at the thrift store today that was just the perfect size that I needed!  YEAH!  I will be putting it in my daughter's room that I am just finishing up!  Stay tuned for the results!

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