Friday, January 15, 2010


Since it is the start of the new year and we all have the extra crap stuff from Christmas in our houses, I think it is time to organize! 
Here are a few things that I did last year that have worked for me and very easy to keep up.  Sometimes when we organize it is hard to keep up because were either:
 1. Too lazy to put it back where it goes. 
2. It isn't an efficient system that we have made. 
These are things that have worked for me.

This picture is the underneath part of those built in shelves.  I just took hooks and put them in the 1x3's, bought fish hook containers in the fishing dept. @ Wal-Mart, organized my jewelry to my liking.
 Bata-bing Bata-bang!

It also works to hang bracelets and necklaces!

The rest of the sheves I use to put my pants on. 
It seems to work better for me than hanging them up.

I use all white hamger for a uniform look.
I hang my clothes first according to color and then short sleeve or long sleeves. 
When I take a piece of clothing off of the hanger, I simply put the hanger back where I got it from and then I know exactly where to put the item back after I am done wearing it!  That way I found I am never searching for hangers.

For my shoes I went and got the dollar bins from Wal-Mart. 
Make sure that they are clear so you can see what is in there without opening a bunch of containers!

Happy Organizing!

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