Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Home Goals for 2010

Wow! 2010!  Doesn't the sound of that just sound crazy? I don't know why, it is not that much different than 2009!  It just seems weird to me!

I am making a goal this year to get some stuff done that has been on my mind for quite sometime.  We all have 1,000,000,000 and 1 things we would like to get done in our homes and I am not excluded from those who do.  It seems as though my brain is so full, sometimes I feel as that I am going crazy!  So I am making a list of my goals here and crossing them off as I go.  Maybe this way I will feel a little more saine! 
Here are some of the things that I would like to accomplish:

1.  A little work done in my Master Bedroom
-some new bedding
-maybe some wallpaper (Yes, I did say wallpaper.  A nice Damask?)
-a little molding to dress it up

Maybe something like this for the bedding?
Go here to see more great photo's like this one.

Molding? Maybe something like this?

I just got this new bed, so I am trying to decide what would look good with it.  I want a modern/traditional look.
I also have a chair that looks just like the ones in this photo

So if I could just pull all of these looks together for this lonely bedroom that would be great! (New bed not pictured)

2.  Some nice patio furniture
I have worked really hard on my yard since we have built this house 3 yrs. ago.  There a quite a few things that I would like to do.  I love to sit out on my back patio and enjoy myself during the summer, but there is one little problem.  I have been doing it on crappy plastic furniture. 
Maybe something like this would be much nicer?!

3.  I would like to try some beadboard in my family room with maybe a coffered ceiling.

Something like this for the ceilings?

And this for the beadboard?

Don't you think this would just add to my Family Room?  It is looking a little plain in these pictures!

4.  I would like to turn my vegetable garden into square foot gardening instead of an overgrown jumbled mess.

Maybe something like this would be manageable?

5.  This last one is for my poor little husband
-Organize the garage back to how it was before we finished the room in the basement.  I have a lot of things that I just don't use anymore.  But I just can't get myself to get out into that 20 degree weather to go and spiffy it up!  Maybe when it gets warmer babe! 
I am sure there are more things that will be added as time goes on.  My brain never seems to let me rest!  But this is it for now!


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  2. Fun stuff! The new bed looks fabulous! I have a list as well. Thanks for inspiring me and I can't wait to see the new blog. :)


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