Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Mess!

While the rest of my house looks like this.....

I just like to sit in my comfy chair and look at my tree and pretend that the rest of the mess is not there!  I wish that it would just pick itself up and put itself away where it belongs.  This is the part of Christmas that I don't like!  The MESS!  I decided to leave it all today and went to Tai Pan and bought some ornaments, 50 percent off.  I know some people like to actually see the Christams tree, but I like the tree to look like Christmas threw-up all over it!  It is now getting closer to looking like that.  Here are some of my new additions:

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  1. I agree with kicking back and ignoring the mess. I was going crazy the minute all the presents were unwrapped and unleashed from one end of the house to the next. Shaun took down the tree the next day (without being asked) so I said...what the heck, and took it all down!! :)


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