Thursday, December 3, 2009

Festival of Trees

My friend and I visited the Festival of trees this week.  There were tons of trees decorated for someone who had passed away.  Usually there family decorated the tree.  Each tree was for sale and the money is then donated to a Prmary Children's Hospital.  They also had wreaths there and very unique Ginger Bread Houses.  So here a quite a few pictures form our adventure!

This was a fun Ginger Bread House!  Can you guess what movie it is from?

I thought that this Santa was cute sitting at the top of the tree with the "Nice List"!

I really liked this mantel!  It had such beautiful colors of brown, green, and copper.

This tree was so creative!  It is a motor track! 
Can you see the motorcycles racing up the Christmas tree?

I thought this tree was just plain pretty!

Isn't this tree so fun?! 

Pretty wrapped gift

They had a lot of flocked trees decorated in red, green and black.
  They were so modern and cute!

Enlighten the Children

I don't know if you can see what this tree is, but it was quite cute!  It is an upside down tree and it is decorated like a little fairy land.  It was very whimsical.

This was a darling little table with cupcakes and cute little cupcake aprons.

This was just a fun tree that my 5 year old daughter would have loved!  It was a Barbie tree!

Have any of you decorated some unique fun trees?

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