Monday, December 21, 2009

I recentley found a blog, new to me, that is just fantastic!  This great girl takes pictures of architecture.  Here is a house I found on her website
This Photographers Life (in search of a style). 
Check it out!
How would you like to drive up to this each day?  Isn't it beautiful?!  The chimney, rock and brick combined, copper & dark wood make such a lovely combination.

Is that not a stair case or what?!  Simply Beautiful!  And look at those pictures of their kids on the wall flanked by a sconce on each side.  
I really like the tile turned on a diagnol that leads to and from the arched front door.

Love this ceiling, the chandeleir, and the overall clean feel of this house.

Once again love this ceiling made of wood and beams.  And the windows are fab!  If you look outside you can see that this house is surrounded by woods.  I would love that!

WOW!  I love every inch of this kitchen!

I love this bed!  I have been looking for an inspiration picture for bedding for awhile and I think this just might be it!

Who wouldn't love to take a bath in here?  And aren't those windows great!

The back is just as beautiful as the front

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  1. Oh thank you thank you! Word of mouth is totally the way people have found my blog, and I really appreciate you sharing it with your readers. I love your comments as well. I am going to put a link to it on my "blog mentions" page. Thanks!


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