Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Blog Frog

I just found this fun new thing called The Blog Frog.  It is a way that you can show up on someone's blog as visting, so that they and other's can see that you have been there.  It is a fun way for you to sort of advertise your blog and to get to know your readers better!  So if you are interested in signing up, for free of course, just go to the right hand side on the blog frog that I just added.  It might be fun!

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  1. Hey Sunshine! So I hope you don't think I'm stalkerish or anything, but I found your blog through Sally's (who is my neighbor and good friend) and asked her how she knew you because I went to school with your sister in like Junior High! lol...wasn't your sis friends with Kalani? Anyway, such a small world....I LOVE your blog and check in often! Hope you don't mind if I put you on my blog roll :) Have a great Christmas!


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