Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My New Vitamix Mixer

I just got a VitaMix blender from Costco the other day and I am loving it!  I am trying to follow a more vegatarian type lifestyle and this is defintley making it easier!  I got it about a week ago and have used it 2-3 times each day!  This morning I grinded my own wheat and made pancakes,oil free, with agave nectar for the syrup.  My kids loved them.  Then we made a shake that consisted of carrots, apples, grapes, spinach, limes, pineapple, and ice.  Very Yummy!  Later for lunch I threw in a few things and made a simple salsa.  I have really enjoyed it so far!  I recommend it to anyone!


  1. I'm gonna take your word on the fruit/spinach shake. I'm not buying into it!! :)

  2. You're putting me to shame! I need to live at your house for a day to really learn how to use our Mixer. All your food sounds YUMMY!

    OH, and just so everyone knows, the spinach in a shake really is good...just don't put too much.

  3. How much was the VitaMix at Costco? I am wanting to get one, but they won't be at my Costco until 2/5. Not sure if it is worth it to wait or if I should order direct.


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