Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Deco

We have finally got all the Christmas stuff out and all the boxes put away!  Here are a few of our decorations on our tree!

I did red, copper brown, gold and green this year on the tree.  I thought the colors were so warm and rich together!
This is how I tied everything on.  You local craft store should sell these tree colored pipe cleaners.  It makes it nice done this way so that the kids aren't pulling them out!

This is our mantel this year.  I got the pine cone strands for like $2 last year on clearance.  I have 5 of them up there.  And then I just placed bulbs up there.  Nothing to fancy!

Here is the entry table.  It could probably use something else, but I am not so sure what!

Just some bulbs in glass jars on the dining table.

Last, but certainley not least, Santa with lizards on his face and body!  'I guess my 8 year old wanted to be a part of the fun!  Silly kid!


  1. Very cute decorations!! Where do you buy all your twiggy wreaths? I love those!!!

  2. Beautiful Shine!! I love the lizards on Santa great touch!!


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