Friday, March 19, 2010

A Pin Board Re-done

Here is another project that I have done for my friends little girls room.  This is for her eldest daughter.  The mirror in the post down below is for her middle daughter.  Her eldest daughter "A", is 8 years old.  So we wanted to do a room for her that she can grow into.  I found this pin board at the thrift store for $4.  I spray painted it a high-gloss black, cut out some burlap, glued it on with my hot glue gun, took some pretty damask ribbon and glued that on!  I think it turned out pretty great!



Now with the ribbon.  I think it just tops it off!

A Pretty new Pin Board for a pretty girl!


  1. Oh it turned out beautifully! I love it:) I am sure your friend's daughter will be so happy with it!! Hope you have a lovely weekend ~ Tina x

  2. That turned out so cute! I bought a big board at the thrift store last week for $3. I need to "beef" up the frame a bit or figure something out though. Yours, I love!

    Your question about my kitchen, I do have a post about my backsplash makeover.

    Happy Spring!

  3. It looks so great - way to see the potential. I really like the addition of the ribbon. It finishes it off nicely.


  4. So fun...I love ity...You are very crafty...Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...It is so nice to meet you...I want to personally invite you over to my blog...I am fluffing my nest and have big plans...Hope to see you over there...Ill definitely be back to see more of your craftiness...:) Meme


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