Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

The nice warm sunny weather today put me in a spring cleaning mood today.  Until it started raining, hailing, and snowing.  And now that is why I am sitting here, doing this.

Here is what I got done today...}

1.  Cleaned the top of the kitchen cabinets with Murphy's Oil.  This is great for getting that greasy substance off that seems to accumulate over time.
2.  Washed down the cabinets
3.  Moved the fridge and cleaned behind it (Gross)
4.  Dusted the blinds in the Kitchen windows
5.  Cleaned the windows and the tracks
6.  Washed the curtains, dried and re-hung the curtains
7.  Changed the rug under the kitchen table
8.  Put a new table setting on the table
9.  Vacumed
10.  Laundry

I know these last couple are not spring cleaning, but my feet are hurting really bad right now and these are counting on my list!

Things left to do:

1.  Revamp the craft room
2.  Go through kids' closets
3.  Finish Master Bedroom (Molding, wallpaper)
4.  Spray Paint Chandeleir for Craft Room
5.  Put up Spring Decor
6.  Replace air filter for house in basement
7.  Power wash the house and patio
8.  Get Patio Furniture
9.  Plant Pots
10.  Get wood and make boxes for garden
11.  Cut down perrineals in yard. (Didn't do it in the fall!  Oops!)
12.  Have a garage sale
13.  Clean out the Garage
14.  Repaint some of the baseboards

Are you spring cleaning??


  1. Dang lady! I was proud of myself for cleaning my bathrooms. I'm going to use your list because I need to do all those things too. And since there's inches of snow on the ground again, it should motivate me since there's no fun outside activities to distract.

  2. You have motivated me too. I am on my way to Walmart to get some plastic organizers. That's a great place for me to start. (I have some cupboards that still have the box loaded from when we moved in, I just have to dig in & find what I'm looking for.) Thanks for getting me going! :)

  3. Oh, I bet that feel great to have all that done. You were busy! I need to get going on my Spring cleaning. Ugh ;)

    Come by my blog, I have something for you. :)


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